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vegetable soup and cornbread healed her soul and sparked an idea to help others

Healing Ministry in a Mason Jar

A simple jar of soup lovingly offered during a time of heartbreak leads to a program to help others.

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Your story could impact lives and families. Share it!
Finding Life Purpose

How Stories Touch Lives, Homes and Families

Don't let your storiesyes, even the painful momentsto go unspoken. Share them and possibly help someone else.

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Staying spiritually fit requires the same kind of dedication as being physically fit.
Positive Living

5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Fit

Daily application of effort applies to an exercise program. Same goes for a spiritual one.

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When God shows up unexpectedly at the beach.
God's Grace

When God Shows Up Unexpectedly

On a family trip to the beach, God's message is delivered.

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Reflections of Jesus

Reflections of Jesus

How an overnight guest in a teenager's room finds compassion and a love of the Lord.

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How to stay husband and wife for life.

10 Ways to Stay Husband and Wife for Life

What's better than a young married couple in the first blush of love? An old married couple still in love!

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Feeling blue? How to reclaim your happiness so you can get back to serving God.
Emotional and Mental Health

9 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness

It's difficult to do God's work when we're feeling discouraged. Here's how to regain a positive outlook.

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Answered prayers can come in unlikely ways.
Answered Prayers

A Timely Answer to Prayer

God didn't seem to be responding. But then a message was received from 1,700 miles away. Continue Reading
Michelle's granddaughter, Anna, loves to encourage others to come to church.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

One of my constant prayers for my grandbabies is that they will always have tender hearts for God.

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Give your dad a big hug on Father's Day!

10 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

Tips for making meaningful moments on your dad's special day–and every day.

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