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A stormy sky.

Always on Guard

How to spiritually prepare for the inevitable storms of life

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Elderly woman's face. Photo by Pixland, Thinkstock.

A Road Map of Our Lives

Years from now, what will the lines in your face reveal about you?

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A slice of chocolate cake. Photo by ellisfoto, Thinkstock.
Finding Life Purpose

Chocolate Cake Christians

How to share the sweetness of Jesus with those who need to hear about Him. 

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Basketball players in prayer after a game. Photo by Michelle Cox.

Trust God Will Be There for You

When life gets rough, there's no question who is going to show up.

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Ears of corn in shape of a heart. Photo by acongar, Thinkstock.

Love in Unusual Wrappings

Beyond a box of chocolates, love arrives in a box of corn or an emptied dishwasher.

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A home that needs fixing. Photo by Darcy Maulsby, Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Fixer Upper

Just like HGTV's home renovation show, God can rescue the most broken-down of us.

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Writing a card. Photo by A_teen, Thinkstock.

Just a Simple Card

There are folks all around us who need a note of encouragement.

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Chocolate spread. Photo by vikif, Thinkstock.

Nutella and Strawberry Mini Pies

A yummy treat for your Valentine's sweetie–husband-tested and approved!

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Highway sign Wrong Turn? Trust God Positioning System Guideposts
Positive Living

Following Your GPS? Trust God

When you get lost or take a wrong turn, remember trust your God Positioning System.

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The broken dog figure.


Don’t end up with a broken life because you ignored God’s loving advice.


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