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Friends comforting each other

5 Ways to Comfort People

Sometimes there are no words when hard times hit. This is when simplicity and presence carry the day.

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Raking leaves, doing a good job.
Life Advice

The Power of a Good Attitude

Doing even the simplest job with the best of intentions serves everyone.

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God's protection
People Helping People

A God of Protection

How God stands between us and the flames of fear.

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Teaching children character

Teaching Our Children Important Lessons

Family is the cornerstone of our society. We can affect the world by instilling character in our kids.

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Spider's web
Stories of Faith

Appreciating God's Incredible Creation

On a daily basis, witnessing beauty from a spider's web to an ocean sunset

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Cookbooks, Family Dinners and Making Memories

All those stews, cakes and cookies are not just about food—but also love.

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The power of telling a story

Let Me Tell You a Story…

How a grandmother instills the love of storytelling in her family

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Are you ready for the next storm?
Managing Life Changes

Are You Ready for the Next Storm?

Just like the weather, life is going to send you storms. Here's how you can be spiritually prepared.

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Dealing with change
Positive Living

How to Deal with Change

Remember there is one constant when all about you is in flux.

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Invite God to your pity party
Life Advice

Inviting God to Your Pity Party

4 Bible verses to bring you comfort when things go terribly wrong

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