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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating the life of a courageous American, Christian and humanitarian who lived out his calling.

When Plans Fail

My plans and God’s purpose for me don’t always align, and I’m glad they don’t.

Be Part of a Christmas Miracle

How one woman was a miracle for a little boy and spread the love of God.

A New Year’s Eve Prayer

The road ahead may be murky, but you can turn to God to guide you through the next steps.

A Joyful Christmas, Free of Fear and Stress

Let the words of the angels shared on that First Noel ease your mind, “Don’t be afraid.”

The Gift of Peace in a Troubled World

The gift of Christ reminds us that harmony can start today in our hearts.

The Gift of Joyous Giving

When it comes to helping others, let love be your guide.

Make Each Day Feel Like Thanksgiving

There are many small and big things in daily life that make us feel good, appreciated and loved…things to be thankful for.

Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone

In a crowded world, seeking out some solitude can be good for sanity, spirituality, health and productivity.

Living a Life of Intent and Purpose

Every day we live out our story through our words, actions and decisions. Make them count.