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Start each morning with God
Power of Prayer

How to Give Each Day a Spiritual Start

Ways to cut through the demands of hectic mornings so you can focus on God first.

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When you experience loss or grief
Power of Prayer

When the Unexpected Strikes

A Bible verse that offers hope in times of loss

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Creating memories during summer
Inspiring Stories

Creating Summer Memories

One summer evening led to a lifelong partnership full of family and joy.

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Making friends at any age

How to Make Friends at Any Age

Friends are important to our wellbeing. And if you're creative and open, new ones will always come your way.

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Prayer in the workplace
Pray Effectively

Prayer Fellowship at Work

Finding a way to talk with God as you go about your workday.

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How to improve your relationship

Restoring a Broken Relationship

Focusing on love, respect and dignity in our dealings with loved ones.

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Enjoy the gifts of summer
Positive Living

What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

Summer is God’s gift to us; let’s go outside with friends and family and enjoy it!

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A proverb for every day
Prayer Stories

A Proverb for Every Day

The Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, one for each day of the month.

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Taraji Henson
Finding Life Purpose

Push Through Your Fears

Actress Taraji P. Henson is an example of not letting fear get in the way of her dreams.

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Lead with kindness
Life Advice

Why Kindness Always Wins

When we live with a humble spirit, it reflects the likeness of Jesus in our lives.

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