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Staying spiritually fit
Power of Prayer

Staying Spiritually Fit

Don’t let life’s daily distractions pull you from time spent drawing closer to God.

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A military chaplain finds hope
Stories of Hope

Overcoming the Unimaginable

A military chaplain shares how he finds the promise of comfort and strength in the middle of war and death.

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Managing depression

Rediscovering Faith and Fighting Depression

The path to battling an inner turmoil with grace and compassion

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Looking for a way forward
Power of Prayer

How to Move Forward in Faith

When the future is unknown, remember that God is known, so let prayer guide you.

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Think positive for the new year and dream big
Faith and Prayer

For a Positive New Year, Dare to Believe

If we want good things to come our way, we must believe they can happen and take the necessary steps.

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7 Bible verses for the New Year
Positive Thinking

7 Bible Verses for the New Year

Here's help in keeping a positive, faith-filled mindset for the year ahead.

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Christmas traditions

Upholding Christmas Traditions with Faith, Family and Love

On this special day, remember to celebrate the coming of our Lord and the love we have for one another.

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Making Christmas spiritual
God's Grace

Making Christmas a Spiritual Experience

When we approach Christmas in the spirit of humility and with gratitude for Jesus, we celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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Random acts of kindness at Christmas
Positive Living

Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas

How simple acts of love can bring profound joy to those around you.

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Praying over problems
Power of Prayer

Finding Strength in Prayer

When a problem wears us down and depletes our energy, prayer refuels our spirit and renews our mind.

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