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A father's prayer on his daughter's wedding.

A Prayer for My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

A father anticipates the joy and blessings of officiating at his daughter’s wedding.

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Count your blessings everyday.
Positive Thinking

Blessings Beyond Measure

Why it’s important to count your blessings, one by one, on a daily basis

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How to support our spiritual leaders during Clergy Appreciation Month
Positive Living

Clergy Appreciation Month

Time to remember our pastors and spiritual leaders in prayer and express our gratitude for their ministry.

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4 ways to strengthen your faith in tough times.
Emotional and Mental Health

4 Ways to Build Faith During Difficulties

Most often it’s not what is happening to us that increases or decreases our faith, but how we interpret what is happening.

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Join the Guideposts prayer challenge to end world hunger.
Prayers for Loved Ones

Combining Prayer and Action to Help Others

How prayer can lead to compassion and action to end world hunger

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Practice compassion and mercy on a daily basis.
Finding Life Purpose

How Our Faith Can Make a Difference in the World

Don’t be distracted from performing daily acts of mercy, compassion and grace.

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Always pray for healing
Inspirational Prayers

Praying for Healing

How God heals is sometimes mysterious, but we should never stop praying for it.

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Psalm 23
Deepen Your Faith

The Empowering Words of the Bible

Do you have a favorite verse that strengthens you in tough times?

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a woman facing dire circumstances
Prayers for Stronger Faith

The Faith to Look Beyond Our Circumstances

When circumstances look bleak, how can we trust that God has a plan for our lives?

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Smiling children raise their hands in a classroom
Seasonal Prayers

7 Back-to-School Prayers for Kids

When you're stocking up on school supplies, use these prayers for children going to school

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