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How to reach your goals
Motivational Stories

Don’t Let Limitations Define You

How to push yourself to rise above barriers and experience the power of possibilities.

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Positive Living

How to See the Best in Yourself

While others may judge us or find fault, God always sees our potential.

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Trust in God
Power of Prayer

What Does It Mean to Trust God Always?

An apprehensive mom remembers how to hand her fear over to God before a medical procedure.

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What makes love work
Life Advice

What Makes Love Work

Even when love disappoints, it’s better to remain open to its possibilities.

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Celebrating women of the Bible
Power of Prayer

Celebrating the Women of the Bible

Women in Scripture who inspire us through acts of courage, love and faith.

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Reading the Bible
How to Pray

Pick a Word a Day During Lent

A different way to deepen your faith in the 40 days leading up to Easter.

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Hope for recovery from addiction
Addiction and Recovery

Recovery Is Possible Through Hope

When it feels as if addiction may win the fight, we must stay strong in our faith.

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Life Advice

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s 7 Values to Live By

Committing to values based on biblical principles is committing to a course of action.

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Life Advice

The Cost of Not Forgiving Others

Why forgiveness is essential to emotional and spiritual health.

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Faith, hope and love
Stories of Hope

Three Words That Shape a Meaningful Life

The powerful forces that fuel one’s spirit to live, survive and thrive

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