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5 Ways to De-Stress at Christmas

Don’t be a grumpy Grinch carrying around a sack full of anxieties.

Dishwashing Prayers

There’s a spiritual side–and some gratitude–to doing the washing up after a feast.

A Grandmother’s Secret to Turning 90

As a beloved “Grammie” celebrates her 90th birthday, a closer look at a life full love, family and curiosity.

When the Homeless Guy Prayed for Me

An unusual meeting on the subway results in a prayer for everyone.

Pray for Self-Control

It’s something the Spirit is longing to give you as you struggle with habits, good and bad.

A Prayer for Stressful Times

Julian of Norwich’s words inspire a sense of peace when the world seems to be in turmoil.

What Is Reformation Day?

How Martin Luther changed the way we worship, pray and look at Scripture

How Texting and Prayer Go Hand in Hand

During a loved one’s long surgery, a scattered family stays connected through the wonders of prayer and technology.

Holy Humor

It may not make the short list of spiritual virtues, yet spiritual people often exhibit a delightful sense of humor.

My George Washington Bridge Angel

Sometimes it pays to trust a stranger–or in this case, it cost nothing.​