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Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy (far right) and unidentified men sing in a Selma, Alabama church.
Stories of Faith

Martin Luther King’s Favorite Hymn

Singing words of comfort for those who suffer

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How to fight winter blues
Stories of Hope

3 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Despite the fact that Christmas is over and the days are cold and short, there are ways to feel gratitude and pleasure.

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three wise men
Prayer Stories

When Power Conflicts with God’s Vision

On December 28, Holy Innocents Day, we are reminded of those who suffer and deserve our help and prayers.

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An early Christmas on the subway
People Helping People

An Early Christmas on the Subway

Fellow passengers show kindness to a homeless woman on a New York City train.

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Advent calendar
Prayer Stories

4 Ways to Welcome Advent

Advent is a season that reminds us to hold on to hope and the promise of Christmas. 

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The bread of life
Stories of Faith

Unexpectedly Finding the Bread of Life

A Sunday afternoon full of good art, good food and revelations of Jesus.

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Gift giving
Positive Living

5 Tips on Picking the Perfect Gift

How to make a loved one feel extra special this holiday season.

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Writing a thank you note
Motivational Stories

The Surprise Blessings of Thank-You Notes

When you have to write one, you may be stumped. But then you’ll discover that expressing gratitude is infectious.

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The brass buttons from Rick's grandfather's Navy uniform
Prayer Stories

Pray for Peace on the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day

Whether you know it as Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, it’s a reminder to pray for peace.

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Prayer group
Power of Prayer

After the Pittsburgh Shooting: Prayers for Healing from Hatred and Violence

How faith communities help us stay connected to the love, kindness, faith and generosity in this world.

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