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3 misconceptions about prayer.
Pray Effectively

3 Misconceptions About Prayer

Wondering if your prayer habits are on the right track? Here’s some gentle guidance.

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When you desperately need a prayer
Answered Prayers

When You Desperately Need a Prayer

If you find yourself at a loss for words, here are some right out the Bible.

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Visit a church on summer vacation.

Visit a Church This Summer

The surprising benefits of attending a church where you don’t know a soul.

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A family celebrates Trinity Sunday.
Faith and Prayer

Trinity Sunday Is All About Love

God’s love for his only Son, Christ’s love for God, the Holy Spirit reaching out to guide, love and protect us.

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A white dove, the symbol of Pentecost
Prayer Stories

Pentecost–The Church’s Birthday

Because of the Spirit, because of Jesus, because of His love, we’re here.

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Family photo as prayer

How a Family Photo Inspires Prayer

Documenting a wonderfully vital, creative, happy family–and feeling gratitude to God.

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Breathe a prayer
Pray Effectively

Breathe a Prayer

Why prayer doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as breathing.

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How not avoiding suffering can lead to spiritual growth.
Power of Prayer

What Makes for Spiritual Growth?

When you stick through the darkest hours in life, you will eventually see the dawn.

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The perfect song for a wedding
Power of Prayer

The Perfect Wedding Song

Pick a song that says what you believe. It will be your road map for years to come.

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Why you should ask people to pray for you.
Power of Prayer

Why Say “Pray for Me?”

We’re not meant to be alone in our most vulnerable times. We should never be scared of sharing that.

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