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Practicing the Fruit of the Spirit

Rick Hamlin shares how Jesus' promise to remain in us if we remain in Him can change our lives for the better.

The Miracle of Ben-Hur’s Chariot Race

Watching an epic movie being made on the set in Rome

How to Pray Healing Prayers

Learning an important lesson when praying for others, and ourselves

Text a Prayer

Let us give thanks for the times when cell phones can connect us to what’s good and godly.

Patience–God's Grace at Work

When patience comes, it’s really not through any of my own doing.

My Wife Re-Wrote 'Ben-Hur'

A proud husband on the updating of Lew Wallace’s epic novel about Christ

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

“God wants more for us than we often imagine.”

How to Pray the Bible

A way to simply hear how the words–and the Word–speak to you.

8 Prayers to Help You Savor Summer

Sure, there's the heat. And sometimes traffic. But don't forget beaches and ice cream and vacations!

A Scene You Won’t See in 'Hamilton'

How an Episcopal priest extracted a promise from a dying man