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New Year’s Hopes Instead of Resolutions

4 intentions for a hopeful New Year, with the help of God and angels and community

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Lessons from the three wise men when it comes to guidance for the year ahead

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Pray the Carols

The words from Christmas carols are great for praying. Here are a few examples.

Your Best Christmas Gift Ever

When the demands of the holiday season press on you, remember the simple love of that very first Christmas.

5 Ways to De-Stress at Christmas

Don’t be a grumpy Grinch carrying around a sack full of anxieties.

Dishwashing Prayers

There’s a spiritual side–and some gratitude–to doing the washing up after a feast.

A Grandmother’s Secret to Turning 90

As a beloved “Grammie” celebrates her 90th birthday, a closer look at a life full love, family and curiosity.

When the Homeless Guy Prayed for Me

An unusual meeting on the subway results in a prayer for everyone.

Pray for Self-Control

It’s something the Spirit is longing to give you as you struggle with habits, good and bad.