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How a Kind Deed Can Transform a Day

A stranger on the subway and a pack of tissues made all the difference.

A Teenager’s Insight on Anxiety

Our anxieties don’t make us faster or more efficient. They simply make us more anxious.

3 Ways to Hear God

I believe that God is speaking to us all the time. But how do we hear? 

On Wings and a Prayer

Bible verses to set your spirit soaring

3 Ways to Give Up Worry in the New Year

A closer look at some beautiful passages in the Bible where Jesus talks about worry.

Uncommon Lessons from a Common Cold

What you can learn from being home sick a couple of days.

New Year’s Hopes Instead of Resolutions

4 intentions for a hopeful New Year, with the help of God and angels and community

In Search of an Epiphany?

Lessons from the three wise men when it comes to guidance for the year ahead

4 Reasons to Appreciate a December Birthday

No regrets for a personal celebration that collides with Christmas

Pray the Carols

The words from Christmas carols are great for praying. Here are a few examples.