Rick Hamlin

Rick's Feed

Rick's son, Will, and his bride, Karen

What You Need in a Marriage

A dad offers blessings to his son on his wedding day.

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Lost wallet
God's Grace

How Guideposts Helped Return a Wallet

A mysterious case of lost and found. Or found and lost.

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Praying for recovery
How to Pray

3 Ways to Pray for Someone in Recovery

Recovery is a chance to reset the dial. To re-embrace hope and change for both you and your loved one.

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Beautiful summer's day
How to Pray

What to Do When You Can’t Pray

There are countless ways to connect with the goodness of God in this world.

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Carl Erskine
Inspiring Stories

Carl Erskine’s Amazing Near-God Experience

The former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher shares a spiritual story with a Peale family member.

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Praying with friends
Power of Prayer

What Jesus Says About Praying for Others

Don’t underestimate the power of your faith on behalf of friends in need.

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Fred Rogers
Power of Prayer

How to Pray Like Mister Rogers

Children’s TV star Fred Rogers was the real deal when it came to charm and humility. Here are three things he knew about prayer.

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Traveling Mercies

How a kind hotel employee came to the rescue for a traveler far from home

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Nelson Mandela
Stories of Hope

How Nelson Mandela Found Hope

During the South African leader’s 27 years in prison, he was inspired by the writings of Norman Vincent Peale.

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Prayer Stories

Seeing Angels

The 18th-century theological thinker Swedenborg offers a lovely lesson in prayer.

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