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The Blessings of Reaching Out

A child’s invitation helps set a priority for the year to come.

The Love and Grace of Christmas Joy

A child’s gift reminds a mother that our transgressions are long forgotten. We’re seen as clean and new.

New Year’s Perfect Light

I was holiday-breathless, but a unique gift shifted my focus…

Rest for the Weary

The only place true peace and joy can be found in a busy season.

A Christmas Dance of Gratitude

Worship can happen anywhere–even in the middle of a busy day.

Finding Peace After Worry

In the deepest darkest most sleepless night, the Lord is near.

The Truth About Christmas

A church marquee sign speaks truth into my life…

Decorating the Christmas Tree

A family holiday tradition and a moment of grace come together.

The Prayer Path to Christmas

A family tradition that's one of the greatest joys of the season

Gratitude That Goes Soul Deep

God's desire to be close to me, changes me.