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Trust God When You're Afraid

Sometimes we have to move forward in faith to claim the blessing that’s on the far side of fear.

The Blessings of Today

When you long for the past, you miss out on the blessings God is giving you right now.

Calling for God's Mercy

We ask the Lord for help in our circumstances, and we praise Him for who He is. For what He has done. For what He will do.

Turning Pain into Purpose

When little Isaiah gets a cavity, his earnest desire to save his dog from a similar fate teaches his mom about turning struggles into blessings for others

Turn to Jesus When You're Stressed

Whether you're worried about your family, your finances, your job or the country–remember that Jesus is in control.

Gratitude in Small Places

A mother's summer afternoon with her young sons, a bucket of chalk, a driveway and a rainstorm. There's joy in it all.

Using Our Spiritual Gifts to Help Others

Gifts are given that they may be used. Shared. Poured on others for the glory of the Lord.

When We Want God's Attention

There’s a deep human need to be noticed. Affirmed. Encouraged. Loved.

Hope for a Hurting World

How to comfort a child when tragic events unfold in the world? Jesus is always a source of hope.

Stop Stress with Praise

When you wake up, do you immediately stress over your long to-do list? Here's how to make worry relinquish its hold.