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When to Surrender to God

Surrendering to God means relinquishing what is precious, to trust His purpose and plan.

Confidence in God's Provision

If I’m a careful observer, an attentive listener, the Lord will show me how to share the gifts He’s given me.

God's Love in Messy Places

Even in the mess and disorder of our lives, God's love flows freely.

God Is Fully Present in Times of Change

I know full well that change is unavoidable. But it still pushes to me emotional places I don’t want to go.

God's Grace and Mercy Follow Me

Some roads that stretch ahead may not be what we would have chosen. But the Lord is there!

The Beautiful Simplicity of the Gospel

When the simple joy of faith and family intertwine on an overcast vacation day

Fear Takes a Backseat to God's Glory

A simple birthday gift is a reminder to live with the expectation of goodness and hope–not fear.

Hearing God's Voice

Wouldn't it be great to hear God's voice with your own ears? But God doesn't always speak that way. 

Trust God When You're Afraid

Sometimes we have to move forward in faith to claim the blessing that’s on the far side of fear.

The Blessings of Today

When you long for the past, you miss out on the blessings God is giving you right now.