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With God, No Day Is Ordinary

When worry surfaces, remember to reach into this day toward all the blessing and goodness it holds.

Fighting Negative Self-Talk with Praise

Words hold power. So does praise…

A Passion for God

A son's love of learning inspires a mom.

Mended by God

Being restored to the Lord brings joy. And this joy is too precious to keep to ourselves.

Overcoming Fear with Praise

Busy living brings anxious thoughts. But a life open to God’s Presence brings endless possibilities for peace.

Don't Complicate Your Faith

Doubt, fear and anxiety–how not to live in the tangle of such emotions.

God's Power and Glory in My Life

During a late summer storm, a family pauses to reflect and soak up God's glory.

Giving from the Heart

When a small gift is a very big thing.

Perseverance, One Day at a Time

When confronted with a great effort, “don’t be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow...”

Faith When Life Doesn't Go as Planned

How God is fully present when we struggle with grief and loss.