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Toronto's Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

An Inspiring Performance of "Hallelujah"

A Toronto group known as Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's beloved song.

A family of Emperor penguins huddle together in the chill of Antarctica.

Warmth in the Wilds of Antarctica

You'll be charmed by this lovely and funny footage of Emperor penguins in Antarctica.

Heroic bus driver Darnell Barton

A Big Man with a Big Heart

This bus driver came to the rescue of a distraught woman he encountered on the job.
Marvin Perkins Jr. with interviewer Kyle from Give Back Films

Words from the Heart

Marvin Perkins Jr., a homeless man living in Georgia, shares a poem he wrote about his life.

Jennifer Lawrence greets a wheelchair-bound fan, 15-year-old Jessica Hambly.

An Inspiring Embrace

Watch as actress Jennifer Lawrence steps away from the red carpet to greet a special fan.

Our Prayer Manager, Reverend Dr. Peola C. Hicks

Join Us for Thanksgiving Day of Prayer

Let us pray for you and your loved ones on our Thanksgiving Day of Prayer.

Andrew Hales meets Alfonzo Tatum, his wife, Christine and their son.

Hearing the Stories of the Homeless

Three men interview homeless people as they try to gain insight into their struggles.
Paraplegic Sri Lestari and her brother ride in a specially designed motorcycle.

A Journey to Inspire

Paraplegic Sri Lestari sets out on a motorcycle trip to rally others with physical disabilities.

African Children's Choir, Kampala, Uganda

Love Is All

Listen as Playing for Change performers from around the world use music to spread joy.
Pauline Jacobi at the wheel of her car

Courage Fostered by Faith

This 92-year-old woman confronted a would-be armed robber with frank talk about faith.

People celebrating 100,000 comfort kits given out

An Inspiring Milestone for Guideposts Outreach

Join us in celebrating the distribution of 100,000+ Comfort Kits to hospitalized children!

Ellen DeGeneres chats with waitress Sarah Hoidahl.

Ellen DeGeneres Pays Back a Server's Kindness

Ellen DeGeneres rewards a waitress who treated two National Guardswomen to lunch.

Three women pose for photographer Richard Renaldi.

Strangers No More

A photographer forges a bond between strangers by having them pose for a photograph.

A black cat peers in at a trapped dog.

When Kitty Came to the Rescue

Watch as a trapped pooch is freed by an unlikely hero.

The Ohio State University Band forms the shape of Superman's "S" insignia.

Hooray for Hollywood

Watch as the Ohio State Marching Band celebrates Hollywood blockbusters.

Three-year-old Grace Anne single the National Anthem.

The Littlest Patriot

Watch as this three-year-old performs "The Star-Spangled Banner" with great gusto!

Illuminating Angels: Cemetery Angels

Illuminating Angels: Cemetery Angels

See the stone angels that stand guard in cemeteries across the country.

Author Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury On Her Latest Novel, 15 Minutes

Bestselling Christian author Karen Kingsbury discusses her book 15 Minutes.

Mitch Horowitz poses with a statue of Norman Vincent Peale.

Positive Thinking, Past and Present

Author Mitch Horowitz explores the impact positive thinking has had on 21st-century life.

Matthew Cordle

The Courage to Confess

Matthew Cordle confesses in an online video to killing a man in a DUI accident. He was just sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.

Bella the dog cuddles up to her departed friend, Beavis the beaver.

A Pooch Mourns the Passing of a Pal

Though a dog and a beaver make unlikely pals, Bella mourned when Beavis died.

Faith Tips to Lessen Anxiety By Pablo Díaz

Faith Tips to Lessen Anxiety By Pablo Díaz

Pablo Díaz shares four practical and spiritual exercises to help you break the worry habit, and to have a positive, affirming faith.