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Mysterious Ways icon: Clouds, Blue Sky and the words Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways: A Promise to Momma

It's never too late to fulfill a mother's wish.

Mysterious Ways icon: Clouds, Blue Sky and the words Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways: No Swimming

This family always prayed for protection when traveling.  This time their prayers were answered.

artwork with angels playing instruments

Illuminating Angels: The Music of Angels

From classic works to contemporary songs, angels have long been associated with music.

The Everyday Angels logo

Everyday Angels: A Cat Named Friday

This kitty is one angel of a pet. He helps this new mom care for her baby.

Steve Talley and Eric Roberts, two actors in the film Deadline

Talking About "Deadline": A Film About Justice, Healing and Redemption

The remarkable story of a 19-year-old murder that was finally solved through perseverance, faith and a desire for justice.

Rick Hamlin

On the Journey: Rick Hamlin on Springtime in Fort Tryon Park

Rick Hamlin talks about how Fort Tryon Park inspires with its beauty and neighborliness.

Mrs. Johnnie B. Mack

Generation Inspiration: A Woman's 30-Year Campaign Against Crime

Meet 86-year-old Johnnie B. Mack, who organized the first neighborhood crime watch in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1982.

Laura Vikmanis

The NFL's Oldest Cheerleader

Meet Laura Vikmanis, member of the Cincinnati Ben-gals and the NFL's Oldest Cheerleader.

Belgium's Goose Parade, as seen during the Festival of Ghent.

The Goose Parade

Watch the goose army march into Belgium, as seen during the Festival of Ghent.

Mysterious Ways: Birthday Boy Takes the Cake

Mysterious Ways: Birthday Boy Takes the Cake

Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan shares the story of a little miracle: a perfectly timed food donation.

Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kits logo

Pastors Share Why Guideposts Comfort Kits for Kids Matter

Pastors talk about how Guideposts Comfort Kits help sick children. 

Stickers from a Guideposts Comfort Kit for Kids

Guideposts for Kids: Comfort Kits

Donna Young talks about the impact that Guideposts Comfort Kits have on children.

Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber: The Power of Prayer

Debbie shares memories of how she came to believe in the power of prayer.

A soldier with Guideposts logo overlay

Inspired to Serve Those Who Serve

Learn how Guideposts Outreach supports and encourages the men and women in the military.

Psalm 95

Psalm 95: Sing for Joy to the Lord

Celebrate your faith journey! Rejoice and praise God in the words of Psalm 95, which delivers an uplifting message of thanksgiving.

Mysterious Ways icon: Clouds, Blue Sky and the words Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways: Best Birthday Present Ever

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan tells a real-life story of an inexplicable call a woman receives on her birthday.

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts Editor-in-Chief

Mysterious Ways: A Prayer for Lawn Care

A prayer for landscaping supplies is answered in a most unusual way.

Generation Inspiration: Lou Reda

Generation Inspiration: Lou Reda

Meet 87-year-old Lou Reda, who finds satisfaction working on TV documentaries.

Mysterious Ways icon: Clouds, Blue Sky and an Open Window

Mysterious Ways: A Signature Weekend

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan tells the real-life story of a mishap that leads to a fortuitous meeting.

Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit

Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit: A Personal Story

Jennifer and Ryan Nace talk about their son's illness and how the Guideposts Comfort Kit star soothed him.

Illuminating Angels: New Testament

Illuminating Angels: New Testament Angels

Watch as the role of angels in the New Testament is depicted in classic works of art.

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter whose inspiring story was told in the film, The Vow

The Inspiring True Story Behind the Movie "The Vow"

Meet Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, the couple whose marriage was sorely tested by Krickitt's brain injury and amnesia.