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AAA: Angel Auto Assistance

A broken down driver gets a little heavenly help.

An Everyday Angel proves that neighborliness is not a forgotten quality.

Everyday Angels: All They Wanted Was Raisin Bread

Raisin bread may have been in short supply, but an everyday angel proved that neighborliness was not.

Earth angel returns check to woman

Everyday Angels: A Good Catch

Even the strongest wind can't blow something past an angel.

Hope and faith: Christine Webb in Haiti

Notes from Haiti: How Faith Got Her Through

American reporter Christine Webb shares her experiences after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Rebecca Katz makes citrusy salmon

Healthy Cook: Citrusy Salmon

Rebecca Katz demonstrates an easy and delicious way to make salmon.

Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan

Mysterious Ways: Gloria University

She wanted to send a thank-you note to the school whose student-athletes had helped them.

Faith the dog

Faith the Dog's Inspiring Life

Watch as Faith the dog entertains and inspires everyone she meets. 

pix of woman meditating

James Gordon: A Relaxation Exercise

April is National Stress Awareness Month! Here's a self-improvement technique to reduce stress.

Heavenly angels bring hamster home

Everyday Angels: Charcoal the Hamster

They looked everywhere for her daughter's furry friend.

Everyday Angels help woman sing in church

Everyday Angels: Hymns in the Breeze

What made her brave enough to sing that day?

Everyday Angels

Parking Space, Amen

When they saw the license plate on the car across from them, they knew they'd received divine help.

Debbie Macomber offers inspiring tales of how knitting has impacted her life.

Debbie Macomber on How Knitting Saved Her

Debbie Macomber's inspirational story about how knitting boosted her self-esteem as a child.

Author and pastor Joel Osteen discusses the importance of having a dream.

Joel Osteen: Dream Big!

Pastor and author Joel Osteen says that there are seeds of greatness in all of us.

Pastor and author Joel Osteen discusses his books and his approach to living a f

A Conversation with Joel Osteen

Pastor and author Joel Osteen discusses his books and his approach to living a faithful life.

Colleen Hughes tells of two boys who were skeptical of the existence of Santa.

Joys of Christmas: Believing in Christmas

Colleen Hughes shares a story about two boys who were skeptical of the existence of Santa.

Holiday greetings from the Guideposts staff!

Jingle Bells

The Guideposts staff send a special holiday greeting with their rendition of "Jingle Bells."

Author Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom: Finding Faith in Unexpected Places

Mitch Albom talks about how he found faith in the least likely of places: at a homeless shelter in Detroit.

Executive editor Rick Hamlin sings a verse of a popular Christmas carol.

The First Noel

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin sings a verse of one of the most popular Christmas carols.

Psalms of Praise: Psalm 8

Psalm 8: Stand in Awe of God's Greatness

Psalm 8 delivers the comforting message that everything in the universe is in God's loving care.

Rick Hamlin on What Prayer Can Do

What Prayer Can Do: The Missing Ingredient

A powerful prayer brought this family back together.

Rebecca Katz and Tammie Temple discuss healthy cheese choices.

A New Healthy You: The Healthy Cheese Fix

Rebecca Katz helps Tammie Temple make the best and healthiest choices in cheese.