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Bill Bartman, the kindly debt collector

The Debt Collector Who Cares

If you have money troubles, debt collector Bill Bartman could be your best friend.

A grinning infant named Oliver

The Many Expressions of a Tiny Angel

You'll be touched by the emotions this baby displays upon waking from a nap.

Toy Designer Paul Snyder

The Man Who Loves Toys

Toy designer Paul Snyder recalls some of the playthings he's discovered in his career.

Apollo 8 Crew (L to R): Frank Borman, William Anders and James Lovell

The Inspiring Journey of Apollo 8

Travel to Christmas Eve 1968, when Apollo 8 astronauts read from the Book of Genesis.

Sam Robson singing in nine different tiny windows

Many Voices Out of One

You will be inspired by Sam Robson's one-man choral performance of "I Need Thee Every Hour."

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Everyone Can Be Great

Every day is an opportunity for you to use your gifts to serve others.

A hummingbird hovers near a colorful flower.

The Miracle of Pollination

Be inspired by these amazing glimpses of God's handiwork in the natural world.

81-year-old broom salesman Melvin Pickens

An Inspiring 81-Year-Old Who's Still Sweeping Up Sales

Melvin Pickens has been hawking brooms for decades, and he has no intention of stopping.

A young woman with a joyful smile

The Secret to Happiness

Do you sometimes wish you could be happier? You can, and it's easy. Here's how...

A young Thai boy is given an unexpected present.

The Golden Rule, Revisited

This TV ad for a Thai telecommunications company offers a valuable lesson.

Demetrius de Moors (left) and Michael Lind

The Kindest Competitor

High-school wrestler Demetrius de Moors displays a special brand of sportsmanship.

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Developing Spiritual Discipline

Reverend Pablo Diaz shares insight and tips to help you stay spiritually fit.

A black-and-white kitten uses its rear paws as playthings.

This Kitten Gets a Kick Out of Its Rear Paws

This adorable kitten is so eager to roughhouse, it picks a fight with its own paws!

A golden retriever lounges on an inflatable raft in a pool.

Pooches Who Love Water

Most of us enjoy a cool dip on a warm day, but these dogs really love being doused!

Young Jorge, in full Marine gear, and his mother

Making Jorge's Dream Come True

Generous Marines and the Make-A-Wish Foundation draft a boy into the Corps for a day.
Starling murmurations

The Miracle of Flight

Be amazed by the aerial antics of thousands of starlings, dipping and diving in unison.

A spry senior citizen dances to some rock 'n' roll.

Inspiring Grandma Still Moved by Music

Watch as this very lively senior citizen shows she still has plenty of pep in her step!

Contemporary Christian recording artist Mandisa

Mandisa's "Overcomer" Celebrates Courage and Faith

Singer Mandisa honors survivors of life-threatening situations who are now thriving.

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Life, Faith and Prayer: Keep Praying

Reverend Pablo Diaz shares a true story that will help you believe in the power of prayer.

Luke and Paul Harwerth, known as TwinSauce

Brothers Exuberantly Dance to Funky Beat

Dance with these twin brothers, who show some cool moves to "Funky Jesus Music."

Hannah Barrett

A Teenager's Soulful Song

Hannah Barrett moves the judges on "The X-Factor" with her story and her voice.

A little girl and a baby gorilla smooch through a pane of glass.

Friends at First Sight

Watch as a two young'uns become playmates at the zoo.