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Reverend Pablo Diaz

Life, Faith and Prayer: Keep Praying

Reverend Pablo Diaz shares a true story that will help you believe in the power of prayer.

Luke and Paul Harwerth, known as TwinSauce

Brothers Exuberantly Dance to Funky Beat

Dance with these twin brothers, who show some cool moves to "Funky Jesus Music."

Hannah Barrett

A Teenager's Soulful Song

Hannah Barrett moves the judges on "The X-Factor" with her story and her voice.

A little girl and a baby gorilla smooch through a pane of glass.

Friends at First Sight

Watch as a two young'uns become playmates at the zoo.

Fred Stobaugh's beloved wife, Lorraine

Inspired to Pay Tribute to Sweet Lorraine

A musician is moved to put to music the lyrics of a widower who misses his wife.

Phil Nicklin and the mothering leopard seal

Nurtured in Frigid Waters by an Unlikely "Mother"

Photog Phil Nicklin recounts his amazing Antarctic encounter with a giant leopard seal.

Kristin Chenoweth (right) and her talented fan, Sarah Horn

Kristin Chenoweth Makes Fan's Dream Come True

Watch as Kristin Chenoweth duets with a fan—and gets more than she bargained for!

Susan Call, author of "A Search for Purple Cows"

An Interview with Author Susan Call

In A Search for Purple Cows, Susan Call recounts her escape from an abusive spouse.

Chaos the boxer

Chaos the Boxer's Quirky Morning Ritual

This pooch's preferred method of making his way downstairs will make you a chuckle.

Jai Waetford

The Voice of a Teen Angel

At just 14, Jai Waetford and his heavenly voice are a huge hit on X Factor Australia.

Ashton Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards

Ashton Kutcher's Words of Wisdom

Actor Ashton Kutcher offers inspiring advice to young people everywhere.

Nilah, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

A Puppy's Simple Pleasures

This Bernese Mountain Dog pup will steal your heart with her enthusiastic play.

A cat and a rat curl up together for a nap.

A Different Take on the Peaceable Kingdom

They may not be the lion and lamb, but the lesson is the same.

A bear scratches his back against a tree.

The Bear Facts

Start your Monday with a smile! Watch these animals do what comes naturally.

A pleasure cruiser and his unexpected guest, a sea lion

An Inspiring Visit from a Sea Lion

Watch as boaters near Newport Beach, CA, make an unlikely new friend.

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja

An Inspiring Welcome into the World

You'll smile when you hear the song this doctor uses to greet the newborns he delivers.

Robin Donica Wolaver

How the Annie Moses Band Came to Be

Robin Donica Wolaver shares how she formed the Annie Moses Band with her family.

Glenn Miller

The Sentimental Sounds of Glenn Miller

Listen as the Glenn Miller Orchestra plays "At Last" in this scene from Orchestra Wives

The singing cockatiel, perched on a keyboard

An Inspiring Songbird

You'll be amazed by this talented cockatiel who sings along to keyboard accompaniment.
Cricket the Persian kitten

Cute Kitten Attack!

Start your day off right with this awww-some video of Cricket, a fluffy and adorable Persian.

Marcus Daly works at handcrafting a coffin.

Crafting a Portal to Heaven

Marcus Daly views the craft of coffinmaking as creating a doorway to the hereafter.

Stevie Beale begins her inspiring march down the aisle.

A Miraculous Wedding March

Watch as a bride, paralyzed from the waist down for seven years, walks down the aisle.