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Author and TV personality Jen Hatmaker shares insights on how her faith informs her parenting.

Author Jen Hatmaker on Faith-Based Parenting

Jen Hatmaker, author, speaker, blogger, TV personality, mother of five and Guideposts contributor, reveals how the parenting decisions she and her pastor husband make are informed by their faith.

An artist's rendering of Peter Panagore, unconscious and suspended by a rope from a wall of ice.

Heaven: A Firsthand Account

Peter Panagore was a college student, ice-climbing in Canada on his spring break, when a near-death experience transformed him—and his faith—forever. 

Marvel at true stories that answer our deepest questions about the hereafter. Get Peter’s book as part of our 3-book set, To Heaven and Back.

A sign that reads Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries, a new Amish fiction series

Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

Sign up for Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries, Guideposts Books' brand new heartwarming fiction series! Get swept away in Ohio’s Amish country as newly arrived "Englischer" Cheryl Cooper and her Amish friend Naomi Miller work together to solve intriguing mysteries.

Glendalough monastic site st. kevin ireland travel, visit ireland

Visit Ireland's Glendalough Monastic Site

Learn the fascinating history of St. Kevin and Glendalough and read more about Ireland's Ancient East here.

A Christian hula dance is performed at Wai'oli Hui'ia Church in Hanalei, Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

Hawai'ian Praise Music and Christian Hula

The once-banned Hawaiian language and the ancient sacred dance, hula, are given roles in modern worship at Wai'oli Hui'ia Church in the town of Hanalei on the Hawai'ian island of Kaua'i.

Comedian Jim Breuer and his father

Comedian Jim Breuer on Being His Dad’s Caregiver

Stand-up comedian Jim Breuer talks about the healing effect humor had when he was caring for his dad during his final days. 

Inspirational saxophonist Stephanie McKenna

Stephanie McKenna: How Great Thou Art

Acclaimed saxophonist Stephanie McKenna shares her gift as she interprets the beloved hymn of praise, How Great Thou Art. Read our inspiring story of a heavenly horn heard at a small chapel!

Floyd Cramer, Country Music Hall of Fame pianist

Floyd Cramer: Last Date

Floyd Cramer was a hugely popular Nashville pianist whose records entertained millions. Read the inspiring story of a woman whose beloved father also had a knack for tickling the ivories.

A choir sings joyfully.

Father Clarence Rivers: God Is Love

Father Clarence Rivers was not only a well-known writer of liturgical music but also a teacher. Enjoy this example of his compositions and read the inspiring story of one woman who was touched by his teachings.

Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West

Matthew West: "Oh, Me Of Little Faith"

Listen as the popular Christian singer-songwriter performs an exclusive "unplugged" rendition of "Oh, Me of Little Faith," a song from his album "Live Forever."

Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West

K-Love Award Nominee Matthew West's New Album "Live Forever"

Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West discusses how stories shared with him by his fans, across the country and around the world, came to serve as the inspiration for his album "Live Forever."

Family-friendly comedian Jim Breuer

The Family-Friendly Comedy of Jim Breuer

Comedian Jim Breuer talks about the humorous side of being both a dad and a caregiver for his father, and tells the story behind his recent special, Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy,  on the EPIX network.

Tai Chi instructor Mikki Davis

Body and Soul: Integrating Tai Chi with Faith

Certified Tai Chi instructor Mikki Davis shares how her tai chi relates to and complements her Christian faith. Read Mikki's story!

Guideposts: Jamie Grace sings her hit song, "Beautiful Day."

Jamie Grace: Beautiful Day

Listen as popular contemporary Christian artist Jamie Grace performs one of her biggest hits. Read Jamie's story about dealing with Tourette Syndrome through faith and prayer!

Eric Metaxas, author of "Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life"

Is it a Miracle?

Eric Metaxas, author of Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life, discusses how a phenomenon might qualify as a miracle. Read our Q&A with Eric!

Serina and Mitchell, who are married now but were surprised to learn they met long ago

Love at Second Sight

Serina and Mitchell, who thought they met in college, actually first encountered each other years earlier. Watch their initial meeting and their first dance on their wedding day.

Singer-songwriter and Christian music star Dan Bremnes

Get to Know: Dan Bremnes

Christian singer/songwriter Dan Bremnes talks about his new EP Where The Light Is, his faith and why he wanted to become a Christian artist.

Singer-songwriter and Christian music star Dan Bremnes

5 Questions with Dan Bremnes

Christian singer/songwriter Dan Bremnes talks Survivor, coffee and more of his favorite things.

Martin Pistorius

God Knew He Was Still There

Pistorius, who was stricken at age 12 with a mysterious, life-altering illness, shares how faith has helped him through his most difficult moments. Read Martin's story!

Nita Talbot signs 'I love you.'

Saying "I Love You" in Sign Language

Nita Talbot, who was inspired to learn sign language, demonstrates a few key phrases. Read Nita's story!

A veteran in combat fatiques holds a bundle of small American flags.

Stephen Berry: Have You Thanked a Veteran?

Stephen Berry, a former combat medic, sings the song he cowrote to honor his fellow veterans. Read Stephen's story!

Eric Metaxas, author of Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life

Eric Metaxas on Miracles

Eric Metaxas, author of Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life, answers frequently asked questions about miracles. Read our Q&A with Eric!