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Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

"Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me" tells the story of the singer's 151-city "Goodbye Tour."

A young girl with cystic fibrosis shares the perks of going to the hospital.

Teen Proves Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

A young girl with cystic fibrosis shows the vaule of positive thinking. 

Ger Dunay, Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Oceng, stars of The Good Lie

Guideposts Chats with 'The Good Lie' Stars Arnold Oceng and Ger Duany

The actors talk about their new film and share their own stories on being children of war. 

Three contestants sing on The Voice Kids

Watch 3 Kids Blow 'The Voice' Judges Away with Their Heavenly Song

Listen as these young singers cover Sarah McLachlan’s "Angel" beautifully.

Woman smiling

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

An all-girl group set out to change the way women feel when they look in the mirror. 

Devon Still with daughter Leah in the car

An NFL Star Gives His Daughter the Cutest Pep Talk Ever

 Cincinnati Bengals star Devon Still shares a special moment with his daughter. 

Puppy playing with bubble

This Little Puppy Having Fun with Bubbles Will Brighten Your Day

Watch as this little guy discovers bubble for the first time. It's cuteness overload. 

Guideposts: Teresa Richardson's crocheted snowflake

Crochet Your Own Christmas Snowflakes

Teresa Richardson, who calls herself the Crochet Geek, shares instructions for crocheting your own snowflakes, perfect for decorating your at Christmastime or sharing with friends and loved ones.

Hollywood producer Devon Franklin

DeVon Franklin's 'Annie' Remake Hits Theaters Soon

Producer DeVon Franklin discusses some of the exciting projects he has in the works.

The Song Movie stars Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner

Guideposts Chats With 'The Song' Stars Ali Faulkner and Alan Powell

The stars sat down with Guideposts to share the inspiring message of their new film. 

Oprah Winfrey and Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw, Oprah Discuss Relationship Struggles

[EXCLUSIVE CLIP] Actress Ali McGraw on what went wrong in her three marriages

Mrs. Flexer is embraced by one of her former students.q

Kid President Helps Honor a Special Teacher

Watch as a first-grade teacher, retiring after 41 years, is honored by her former students.

Sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey pose with a microphone

AMAZING Kids Sing the National Anthem

Sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey's awesome rendition of The Star Spangled Banner

Actress Lupita Nyong'o poses with Elmo on Sesame Street

Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo Teach Kids to Love their Skin

The Oscar-winning actress teams up with Sesame Street for this adorable video.

Reverend Dr. Pablo Diaz

Remember the One Who Gives You the Power to Be Successful

The Reverend Pablo Diaz on recognizing the Lord as the source of your blessings.

A capella group singing

Listen to This A Capella Group's Incredible Patty Cake Song

This a capella group sings a rendition of "I'll Think of You" while playing patty cake.

Doctor welcomes every newborn with a song

Singing Doctor Has Unique Way of Delivering Newborns

Dr. Carey D. Andrew-Jaja, welcomes every baby into the world with a song.

Andrea Bocelli sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Andrea Bocelli Sings A Beautiful Rendition Of 'The Lord's Prayer'

Andrea Bocelli joins the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for an inspiring performance.

Tony Cicoria at the piano

A Heaven-Sent Sonata

After being hit by lightning, Tony Cicoria was inexplicably inspired to take up the piano.

Hollywood producer Devon Franklin

DeVon Franklin Speaks on Faith in Hollywood

DeVon Franklin, movie producer of 'Miracles from Heaven', on how faith plays a role in his career and business decisions.

A grandfather with his granddaughter

Gifts from Our Grandparents

For Grandparents Day, we asked folks for memories of their grandmas and grandpas.

Grandma shocked to see her granddaughter's dress.

Grandma's Sweet Reaction to Her Granddaughter's Prom Dress

Seeing her granddaughter wearing her 57-year-old prom dress brings this grandmother to tears.