3 new ways to enjoy watermelon

3 Different Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

A wedge of watermelon can’t be beat, but try these other ideas to work this hydrating summer fruit onto your plate in new ways.

How to clear up a misunderstanding

12 Ways to Clear Up a Misunderstanding

Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re wrong. Most times, it doesn’t really matter.

A Mysterious Confirmation of Purpose

Lessons from a traffic jam

Lessons from a Traffic Jam

For an impatient military mom, nothing’s worse than being stuck in traffic–or is it?

How people can be miracles to other people

Have You Ever Met a Miracle?

How God can speak to us through other people.

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Positive Summer Reading: ‘Gift from the Sea’

Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s 1955 classic opens our eyes to the deeper meaning of the beach.

Start each morning with God

How to Give Each Day a Spiritual Start

Ways to cut through the demands of hectic mornings so you can focus on God first.

Middle of the night prayers

Middle of the Night Prayers

A bedside prayer list includes those who are struggling, both victims and assailants.

Soup kitchen prayers

At a Soup Kitchen, Prayer Goes Both Ways

For servers and the served, an act of transformation.

What suffering can teach us

7 Things You Can Learn in Hard Times

A pink slip, a medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one–finding meaning in it all.