Family watching TV

7 Lessons from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

A military mom shares how a favorite family television special brought home some important truths about the season.

Pray as you read.

Pray as You Read

Ever been tempted to pray for a fictional character? If so, don’t resist the impulse; use it. 

Family vacation

The Best Part of a Family Vacation

A grandmother recounts the moments that really mattered during a recent trip.

An Advent challenge

Help Us With an Advent Challenge

Looking for new ways to bring a little light into the world each day of Advent

How to relieve holiday stress

Relieve Stress with a Five-Finger Breath Exercise

This simple practice will help you relax and find some peace in your day.

Decorating the Christmas tree

How a Christmas Tree Tells a Story

A military mom cherishes all the ornaments on the family tree, a chronicle of her sons’ lives.

Life after a car accident

When Lives Change in a Matter of Seconds

Finding gratitude in simple joys after a devastating car accident

Random acts of kindness at Christmas

Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas

How simple acts of love can bring profound joy to those around you.

When we don't like our choices, finding the good things

When We Don't Like Our Choices

A distressed wife tends to her ill husband at the hospital and recognizes the good things around her.

Decorating the house for Advent

Decorate Your House for Advent

Bringing light to darkness and preparing ourselves for Jesus’ coming