Depressed woman

Prayers for Comfort After a Death by Suicide

How to express our loss as well as lift up others who battle depression and hopelessness.

Woman with lots of things to do.

7 Bible Verses for When You Feel Overwhelmed

If God has called you to a task, He’ll be there to help every step of the way.

Shot of a mature couple enjoying a bike ride in the park.

Healthy Habits Become More Important as You Age

New research suggests adapting a healthy lifestyle as you get older adds more years to your life.

a woman hiking the Appalachian Trail, Getty Images

Woman Hiking Appalachian Trail to Raise Opioid Addiction Awareness

Heather Starbuck hopes to honor her late fiancé by hiking the 2,200 mile long trail.

Woman praying

3 Tips on Prayer for Amateurs (Like Me)

You don’t have to be an expert to know how to pray. Just do it out of love—that’s at the heart of it.

George Vorel (center) with some of his employees

This Owner of a Steel Company Succeeds by Giving Addicts a Second Chance

The founder and owner of an industrial steel processing company in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, shares how his own daughter's struggles with addiction inspired him to change his hiring process to give recovering addicts a chance at a decent job with a working wage.

Summer garden

6 Ways to Pray with Flowers

How summer offers ways for your prayers to bloom.

Watching the lake

How Norman Vincent Peale Would View the World Today

A granddaughter reflects on how Peale's message and the simple, powerful beauty of nature intertwined.


Need to Let Go? Look to the Sky

The passing clouds are reminders that the world is always in motion—so too are your thoughts.