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Make Jesus your prayer partner.

Make Jesus Your Prayer Partner

7 ways to pray according to His agenda

5 spiritual tools a military mom uses to fight despair.

5 Spiritual Tools to Keep Your Spirits Up

A military mom shares ways to beat back despair in dark times.

5 promises from the Bible for difficult times

5 Promises for Difficult Days

Bible verses to keep you going through the toughest of times

The wonders under the sea

A Ruby-Red Wonder Under the Sea

A needle-in-a-haystack sighting of the elusive and mysterious ruby sea dragon

A military mom appreciates the changes in her son after his deployment.

Letting God Change Us

A military mom learns to accept–and appreciate–the changes in her son after his first deployment.

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New Series: Living Longer, Living Better

Inspiring stories by people who face obstacles and find ways to improve their lives—mind, body and soul

When things come to an end.

What to Do When Things Come to an End

Accepting change and finding renewed vision when one season is over and a new one begins.

Show your appreciation of friends and loved ones today.

Don't Wait to Show Your Love

Each day is an opportunity to tell a friend, family or colleague how they’ve blessed your life.

A woman pauses to hear the voice of God

When God Speaks...

Mysterious Ways magazine recently asked its readers if God had ever talked to them. Here are some of their stories...

Lessons from a common cold

Uncommon Lessons from a Common Cold