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Places You'll Love

Romantic getaways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Music Soothes the Savage Baby

The Guideposts senior editor reflects on why music is like faith.

The power of positive thinking

Positive Thinking Practice: Be a Problemsolver

How to harness the power of positive thinking to help solve problems in your life.

A Healing

The Guideposts executive editor reflects on an important lesson in giving.

Thumb Prayers

The Guideposts editor-in-chief explains how a friend of his prays with a cellphone.

Healthy Cook: What's in Your Pantry?

Healthy Cook: What's in Your Pantry?

Rebecca Katz reveals the good, the bad and the unhealthy in stocking our pantries.

Finding Peace

The Home to Heather Creek series editor reflects on how she found her calm in a hectic situation.

Bird's-Eye View

The Guideposts executive editor on how a picture inspired his view on life.

Connecting Faith and Life

The Guideposts editor-in-chief reflects on how two occurrences reminded him to connect spiritually.


What Good Shall I Do Today?

The Guideposts senior editor reflects on a getting the day started with a certain question.