A male caregiver searching online and taking notes.

Where to Turn When a Family Member Has Alzheimer’s

An abundance of resources offer information for family caregivers.

9 Strategies for Dealing with Repetition in People with Dementia

Discovering what’s behind your loved one’s repetitive questions can help you manage them.

A caregiver engaged in conversation with her loved one on a bench outside.

What to Know About Wandering in People with Dementia

A potential symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, wandering behavior can stem from a search for safety and reassurance.

A caregiver reassuring her loved one.

7 Methods for Dealing with Time Confusion in People with Alzheimer’s

Remaining flexible can help alleviate anxiety.

A woman with her stuffed bear and a caregiver.

6 Practical Ways to Resolve Sleep Issues

Watching your loved one’s caffeine intake and offering a stuffed animal to cuddle are possible solutions.

A woman smiling as she spends time outdoors in the sunlight.

5 Approaches to Sleep Regulation for Someone with Severe Dementia

Daytime “wake cues” and a bedtime routine can help your loved one get better sleep.

A senior woman sleeping in.

What to Do If Your Loved One with Dementia Sleeps Too Much

Changes in sleep patterns are not unusual, but check with a physician.

A caregiver and her loved one drinking tea before bedtime.

8 Tips for Making Bedtime Easier

Sleep problems can affect people with dementia, but there are ways to smooth the transition from day to night.

A man sleeping.

6 Tips for Handling Nighttime Fears in People with Alzheimer’s

You can be a soothing presence by offering your loved one reassurance and acceptance.

Power of casual friendships

The Surprising Positive Impact of Casual Friendships

How taking the time to cultivate “weak ties” can open doors to new sources of happiness.