A stack of pancakes covered in butter and syrup

The Shrove Tuesday Feast

The surprising origins of this ancient feast day

Just Like His Father

Michael Landon is making inspiring films—just like his role model.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Finds Forgiveness…and Himself

It's hard to move on from a painful past, but actor Tyler Perry was able to forgive his abusive father and build a new life.

A mature woman prays for her godchild

Being a Godparent

Praying for your godchild is one way to guide his or her faith.

Mysterious Ways: Message in a Dream

Edward Grinnan shares a tale of a woman whose dreams helped to reunite a dying friend with the friend's son.

The power of positive thinking

Positive Thinking Practice: Be a Problemsolver

How to harness the power of positive thinking to help solve problems in your life.

Healthy Cook: What's in Your Pantry?

Rebecca Katz reveals the good, the bad and the unhealthy in stocking our pantries.

Pasta recipes: Tomato Sauce Over Penne

Heart-Healthy Tomato Sauce Over Penne

It's American Heart Month. Keep your heart healthy with this whole wheat dish!

Turn Your Resolutions into Answered Prayers

Put the power of prayer behind your New Year's Resolutions.

two women, one with arm around the other, heads bowed

For a Healthy Heart, Forgive

Did you know that forgiveness is good for your health?