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Lions in the Sun

My house cats remind me of their bigger feline cousins. Little did I know there was an inspiring link between them.

Illuminating Angels: Michael

Illuminating Angels: Michael

Learn about this warrior angel who protects us.

7 Weight-Loss Tips to Help You Successfully Get in Shape

Need a little self-improvement? Here's what worked for me...

Inspirational stories: 5 people who inspire Jon Gordon

5 People Who Inspire Me

Check out these amazing people and their uplifting journeys.

Wrong Place, Right Time

He wanted a job as a paramedic again, but pizza delivery would have to do for now...

Girl on Bahamas cruise

Angels at Sea

Check out this slideshow from the Angels on Earth cruise to the Bahamas!

Summer Reading

Looking for wholesome, entertaining and faith-building reading this summer? We can help you.

Jon Gordon helps you with positive thinking

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Hope, faith...success!

Do You Use a Prayer Book?

What do you do to reconnect with God on an individual basis?

Rick Hamlin at vinegar festival

Work & Prayer

Create an active and engaged life—one full of spiritual growth.