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Ten Things

The Guideposts senior editor shares ten random sights in New York City.

Places That Refresh Our Souls

Whether its the Redwoods in California or Williamsburg, Virginia, we all have a special place that rejuvenates our soul.

Subtle Signs

How you can recognize intimate signals from God.

No Cats on the Table? What, This Table?

Do your feline friends break household rules?

On Our Knees

This Christian fitness instructor shares how you can strengthen your knees with a special exercise.

A Time to Pass It Forward

How to take time for yourself and make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Halie's Rainbows

Could the band go on without her?

The Ultimate Relaxation Music Collection

This relaxation music playlist brought peace to her home.

Holiday greetings from the Guideposts staff!

Jingle Bells

The Guideposts staff send a special holiday greeting with their rendition of "Jingle Bells."

Nurse Kitties

These felines helped nurse their unwell owner.