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Where the Wild Things Are

The Guideposts senior editor shares his admiration for Spike Jonze.

Fat Cat

Exercises for Overweight Cats

How to get your pet in shape!

Circle of Life

How having a baby at a young age is a blessing.

What I Learned in Nashville

The Guideposts books editor-in-chief shares her experience at the Nashville sales conference.

Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash Sings '500 Miles'

Listen as Rosanne Cash sings a popular song from her father Johnny Cash's catalogue for the Guideposts audience.

The Things We Teach Our Kids

The Guideposts executive editor reflects on God's help in parenting.

A Riddle for You... It's All About Passion

Try using lavender in your next dish for delicious flavor and aroma.

What to Do?

How you can help your feline friend in need.

Jon Gordon

Positive Success Formula

Events plus positive thinking equals a happy outcome.

Biggest Loser Love

They both had a problem and set out to fix it. But they never expected to fall in love too.