Weight Loss

Weight loss is not easy--it requires discipline, consistency, planning, and self-awareness. Let your weight loss journey be guided by visions of a healthier future.

Eating healthy with a tossed salad and fresh fruits.
Living Longer, Living Better

Keep That Weight Off During the Holidays

Get practical tips from Roberta Messner, who lost almost 100 pounds, and has kept the weight off.

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A woman in her kitchen chopping healthy vegetables to eat.

Bible Verses for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Get inspired by these Bible verses about health and wellness.

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Puppy playing in grass
Health and Wellness

Can Having a Dog Help You Lose Weight?

A new study suggests owning a pet may help lower your risk for obesity. 

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An artist's rendering of a teenager with angel wings and a red hoodie
Coping With Illness

Incident on the Roof

After so many years of crash diets and food binges, I feared I was beyond help.

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Being in the wrong place at the right time may have saved a man's life.
Motivational Stories

Wrong Place…Right Time?

Maceo Thomas accidentally walked into the place that would change his life.

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Tips and inspiration on cooking, gardening, health and wellness.
Life Advice

Welcome to a New Blog: A Positive Path

Twice-weekly tips, musings and inspiration on health, wellness, cooking, gardening and other uplifting, joyful pursuits.

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6 ways to pray while you exercise.

6 Ways to Pray While You Exercise

Get physically and spiritually fit at the same time!

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U.S Marine Corps graduation ceremony.
Military Outreach

How God’s Truth Makes Sense of Life

During a weight loss journey, a military mom discovers God’s belt of truth.

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Norman Vincent Peale's thoughts on wellness and depression stand the test of time.
Health and Wellness

Promoting Wellness, Fighting Depression

Norman Vincent Peale's ideas stand the test of time when it comes to what helps people stay healthy, optimistic and strong.

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When you have a diet setback, God can place people in your life to see the big picture.
Health and Wellness

New Perspective After a Weight Loss Meltdown

When you can't see the big picture, God places people in your life who can.

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