Weight Loss

Weight loss is not easy--it requires discipline, consistency, planning, and self-awareness. Let your weight loss journey be guided by visions of a healthier future.
Faith and Prayer

Carm Russell: Faith During Tough Times

While I have been stressed and full of tears, I have a huge family of support to rely on and immediately asked for prayers from them.

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Ian Smith discusses methods for sticking with a weight reduction plan.

Motivational Stories: How to Stick to a Diet

Nutritionist Ian Smith answers the question: "Why can't we stick to a diet?"

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Alison Sweeney shares positive thinking tips
Positive Thinking

Be a Better You!

Want to start the New Year off right? The host of The Biggest Loser shares her tips.

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Motivational Stories

The Sheer Joy of Achieving a Goal

Take the word of someone who knows, New Year’s Resolutions can work.

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young woman looking out a window hopefully
Positive Thinking

How to Turn Your Goals into Habits

Follow these steps to make big changes and turn your life around.

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Health and Wellness

Ways to Stick to Weight-Loss Goals This Holiday Season

Check out these sources for sound advice and tips on smart eating over the holidays.

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Amy Wong
Life Advice

Change Your Thinking About Change

Words of wisdom from Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney.

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Ben Davis loses 120 pounds

His Inspiring 120-Pound Journey

Talk about self-improvement! This man's inspiring weight-loss story will motivate you to get moving.

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Author and former The Biggest Loser contestant Julie Hadden

Interview with an Author: Julie Hadden

In this series of videos, we talk with former The Biggest Loser contestant and author Julie Hadden.

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Rosemarie Jeanpierre
Coping With Illness

Answered Prayers: From Obesity to Marathons

An incredible true story of how one woman turned to prayer to lose weight, get healthy, even run a marathon!

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