Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter comforts and enjoy this frosty, quiet, cozy time of year.
Male runner stretching

I See God When I Go Running

Feeling His divine presence on the streets—and trails—of Manhattan.

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Morning bowl of hot cereal

Hot Cereals to Enjoy Instead of Oatmeal

Filling, nourishing bowls of comfort come in many shapes and sizes.

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Walking in winter
Positive Living

Winter Walking: How to Stay Warm (But Not Too Warm)

This season is a quiet and magical time to explore the outdoors. Here’s how to bundle up, but not over-dress.

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Comforting cup of tea
Positive Living

Finding Cozy Winter Comfort by Seeking Peace and Joy

A Danish tradition, “hygge,” is just what we need to find warmth this season.

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Houseplants warmed by light
Positive Living

Give Your Houseplants—And Yourself—A Boost of Light This Winter

A little goes a long way when we add a soft, warm glow to our living spaces.

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An illustration of a boy making a snow angel; Illustration by Michael Crampton

A Heaven-Sent White Christmas Miracle in the South

The miraculous white blanket appeared when he needed it the most.

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Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries
Stories of Faith

Keeping the Faith: Navigating a Spiritual Winter

Guideposts’ Vice President of Ministries reminds us that we all experience times of spiritual darkness. But keep listening for God: your faith will flourish again.  

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A snowy road from a car's dashboard view; Getty Images/iStock Photo
God's Grace

How Mysterious Tracks Gave Her Hope in a Snowstorm

After her cell phone lost service in the midst of a blizzard, she started to follow peculiar headlights hoping to find a way out...

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