Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter comforts and enjoy this frosty, quiet, cozy time of year.
Vegetable gratin

Vegetable Gratin: Your New Favorite Comfort Food

Creamy and satisfying, it could be the best way to eat your veggies this winter.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver

10 Inspiring Quotes from Poet Mary Oliver

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver passed away at the age of 83 on January 17, 2019. Guideposts honors her work with some of her best poetry quotes and sayings.

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Comforts of winter
Positive Living

Why Winter Is the Most Positive Season

The dark and cold invite us to draw close to that which warms our lives.

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How to fight winter blues
Stories of Hope

3 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Despite the fact that Christmas is over and the days are cold and short, there are ways to feel gratitude and pleasure.

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Bright, warm thoughts for 2019
Positive Living

How to Light Up 2020

A fire warms your toes and your heart—what will you ignite to sparkle your way into 2020?

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Ginger tea
Positive Living

3 Tips That Will Make Ginger Your Holiday Beverage Go-To

When the scent of ginger fills the air, we can’t help but breathe deeply and get cozy.

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Make a Snowflake: Advanced Level

Make a Snowflake: Advanced Level

Snowflake-making guru Keith Bonnstetter shows you how to take your Christmas creations to the next level.

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Petey (left) and Ernest enjoy a snowy outing.

How to Help Your Pets and Wildlife This Winter

Keep animals safe and warm this season with these helpful tips.

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Easter eggs
Stories of Faith

Easter’s Not Over!

In the heat of July, in the bitter cold of January, in any continent in any season in any time zone. Easter is always here. It’s forever.

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Spring flowers
Military Families

A Change of Heart, a Change of Season

A military mom finds spiritual solace and warmth while weathering her son's deployment.

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