Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter comforts and enjoy this frosty, quiet, cozy time of year.
The miraculous Monarch butterfly. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
God's Grace

Miraculous Monarchs

Imagine something weighing less than 1/5 of a penny flying up to 2500 miles!

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Slow down and de-stress by watching a beautiful sunset.
Emotional and Mental Health

Slow Down

Don't miss out on the precious things in life because of an ambitious to-do list.

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The most beautiful prayer
Devotions for Women

Daily Devotion: The Most Beautiful Prayer

In this excerpt from Mornings with Jesus, when life seems overwhelming, we can take comfort...

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David Suchet as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot
Managing Life Changes

Mysterious Ways: Special Delivery

An unexpected Christmas gift brought her warm memories of her late husband.

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Colleagues enjoy a communal lunch.
Work Life

Lunch Bunch

These coworkers became more like family by cooking for each other once a week.

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praying hands in the sunlight
Prayer Stories

Praying with Confidence

A devotion to help you trust God's plan for your life.

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An artist's rendering of a pair of red leather gloves

Lost and Found: Caught Red-Handed

She'd lost her gloves and couldn't afford a new pair. How would she handle winter?

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Trees with their autumn leaves
Positive Thinking

Taking In the Season

Fallits colder winds and shorter days contain the seeds of hope. 

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Erika Bentsen with an equine friend

A Rancher's Humble Prayer

No strangers to struggle, these ranchers didn’t know how they’d make it to Christmas.

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A mysterious stranger gave her a blanket after an auto accident on a wintry day.

A Blanket from Above

A stranger comforted her with a blanket after a car accident—but where did he go?

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