Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter comforts and enjoy this frosty, quiet, cozy time of year.
praying hands in the sunlight
Prayer Stories

Praying with Confidence

A devotion to help you trust God's plan for your life.

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An artist's rendering of a pair of red leather gloves

Lost and Found: Caught Red-Handed

She'd lost her gloves and couldn't afford a new pair. How would she handle winter?

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Trees with their autumn leaves
Positive Thinking

Taking In the Season

Fallits colder winds and shorter days contain the seeds of hope. 

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Erika Bentsen with an equine friend

A Rancher's Humble Prayer

No strangers to struggle, these ranchers didn’t know how they’d make it to Christmas.

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A mysterious stranger gave her a blanket after an auto accident on a wintry day.

A Blanket from Above

A stranger comforted her with a blanket after a car accident—but where did he go?

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Wall of memorial plaques at Postman's Park in London.
God's Grace

A Not-So-Ordinary Park

How God will use you, today, in someone else's story?

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Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes

Snow (Angel) Day

I like winter best from inside–but the girls need help with their snow gear...

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An artist's rendering of a heavenly angel breathing warmth on an orange grove
Answered Prayers

Her Prayer for the Orange Trees

Her grandfather's orchard was a family treasure. Now they were in danger of losing it.

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A young man shoveling deep snow
Positive Living

Do Unto Others

That one act of kindness started a chain reaction in my soul is really a kind of miracle.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin
Power of Prayer

Prayer for a Cold Day

Help me, Lord, see the beauty of the ice on the river, the sun on icicles, the wind, the snow, the hail...

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