Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter comforts and enjoy this frosty, quiet, cozy time of year.
Goose posing in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
God's Grace

God Waits for Us

Are we willing to move closer to Himnot further away?

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Winter sunset. Photo by psynovec, Thinkstock.
Positive Living

God’s Fingerprints in the Snow

The beauty, silence, stillness, perfection and disruption of God's glistening masterpiece

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Elevator button. Photo by Hemera Technologies, Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Stuck on the Elevator

As panic sets in somewhere around the 16th floor, many thoughts occur–except one.

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Ike enjoying the snow.

Snow Love

Grumbling about the drifts in your backyard? Let these dogs give you an attitude adjustment.

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Spring tulips. Photo by iSailorr, Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Think Spring

I can no longer be charmed by snow days and the promise of hot cocoa.

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A laundry basket. Photo by humonia, Thinkstock.

Seeing the Good in My Spouse

When a frantic family schedule threatens to implode, time to find gratitude.


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A vintage alarm clock
Living With Cancer

A Wake-Up Call from Grandma

She was struggling to get moving that morning till she received a message from beyond.

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Lou reaches for her shawl every morning.

My Prayer Shawl

That hand-knit wrap had given her such comfort. Why did she give it away?

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Ears of corn in shape of a heart. Photo by acongar, Thinkstock.

Love in Unusual Wrappings

Beyond a box of chocolates, love arrives in a box of corn or an emptied dishwasher.

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Valentine's Day Resolution: Shutterstock

My Valentine's Day Resolution

On Valentine's Day, it's better to give than receive.

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