Have you witnessed a miracle in your life?

Life is full of miracles, big and small. Spine-tingling moments that can challenge our perception of reality and show us that the “impossible” is possible. What did you experience that helps explain your faith in miracles? What story can you tell that would get a “Wow!” from even your most skeptical friend? Tell us your “Mysterious Ways” story!

Write for Mysterious Ways

Everyone Has a Story, What's Yours?


Mysterious Ways is looking for true stories of unexpected and wondrous experiences that reveal a hidden hand at work in our lives. The best stories are those that present a credible, well-detailed account that can even leave skeptics in awe and wonder.

How did an unusual experience inspire, comfort, heal, rescue, connect, give a glimpse of heaven or spark true love? Share your miracle story and you may be published in our magazines, our e-newsletter, or on our Facebook page!


Submission Guidelines:

  • Full-length stories are typically 750-1,500 words
  • We also look for photography, news stories, and short material (50-350 words) for our recurring features like Wonderful World, His Humorous Ways, Dreams & Premonitions, and Fateful Photo
  • These stories can be written under your byline or ghostwritten for a friend, neighbor, coworker, or a family member who has a miracle story.
  • Please do not send essays, poetry, sermons or fiction.
  • Payment for stories is based on published length and is made after the revised version of the story is approved and scheduled for publication in the magazine.
  • We also license excerpts from recently published books.


MW: Call for Miracle Stories

Thank you for showing interest in sharing your story. Here’s a little additional advice to get you started:
A typical Mysterious Ways story is written in dramatic style, with an unforeseen twist that inspires the reader to look for miracles in his or her own life. It may be told from a 1st-person or 3rd-person perspective, and can be your own experience or someone else’s story. We are also on the lookout for recent experiences. We want to hear from you!