Positive Quotes for Positive Thinking

Inspirational quotes are a quick hit of positivity, a perfect pick-me-up. Here are some inspired examples.

Posted in , Dec 19, 2011

Flowers growing out of concrete

Inspirational quotes. I love them, don’t you? They’re a quick hit of positivity, a perfect pick-me-up on a busy day ... which is every day, now that the holidays are here.

When I don’t have time to sit down and savor a full-length inspiring story, I turn to the quote of the day on our homepage or to The Up Side in Guideposts magazine, where we feature current quotes from positive thinkers.

I love handmade things too, and while I was searching for gifts for the people on my holiday list, I came across some inspired interpretations of inspirational quotes by artists and crafters. I really like the idea of putting a favorite quote someplace where you can see it—and be inspired by it—on a daily basis.

Check ’em out. It’s probably too late to get these in time for Christmas or Hanukkah, but they would make a lovely gift for a friend (or for yourself) in the new year.

“Yours is the earth and everything in it.” This verse from Psalm 89 is the inspiration behind Yours is the Earth, a new line of products by artists and foodies Allie Peach and Jamie Wyckoff. The calligraphy and the plummy color in this print are just delicious.


“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” From the Etsy shop Of the Fountain, whose owner, Brandy, makes hand-stamped leather tags. The quotes she uses are travel-related (since the tags are meant for bags), but they apply to spiritual journeys too. Wouldn’t this be an excellent reminder to stick with a New Year’s resolution? (Might have to get this tag for my gym bag.)


“You are loved.” A simple yet powerful message. Artist and optimist (how great that she calls herself that!) Shanna Murray’s illustrated decals are just what she says: “happiness for your walls.”

Happiness to you and yours this Christmas! See you in 2012.

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