The Health Benefits of the Beach

Good news for summer! Study shows there’s something good about being near water.

Posted in , Jun 10, 2016

The health benefits of going to the beach

Last summer, I issued myself a pretty big challenge–to go to the beach every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I’m not really sure where this daring goal came from, but I was determined to go, rain or shine. 

By September, I’d been to the beach more than 16 weekends in a row, from Maui, Hawaii to Queens, New York.

Apparently all those trips to the beach were a really good idea. New research from Michigan State University shows that people who live somewhere with a view of blue space–like the ocean–experience less psychological distress compared to those with views of green space.

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According to MSUToday, “Even after taking into account residents’ wealth, age, sex and other neighborhood factors, the study found that having a view of the ocean was associated with improved mental health.”

It turns out God’s wonders aren’t just beautiful, they’re actually good for your health! Maybe it’s time to issue myself another beach challenge for this summer.

What about you? Where do you feel most at peace in this world?

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