The Light That Fights Crime in South Philly

A dark alleyway is transformed into art, thanks to a chance meeting at a holiday party.

Posted in , Jul 7, 2016

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In South Philadelphia, not far from dueling cheesesteak titans Pat’s and Geno’s, an alleyway once notorious for crime and shady mischief has been transformed into an eye-popping work of art. How did this stunning neon light mural come to be? A random encounter at Christmastime…

According to the Philly blog Streets Dept, the Passyunk Square Civic Association’s annual holiday party brought together two individuals with different troubles. If not for a conversation under the Christmas lights, the collaboration that solved both their problems may never have happened.

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For five years, Andrew Emma and his neighbors had debated what to do about the issues plaguing Percy Street, a dark, oddly angled thoroughfare that attracted unseemly characters—underage drinkers, drug dealers, prostitutes and the like. 

Meanwhile, artist David Guinn was in a more personal bind—he’d received a lucrative arts grant to create a public mural, but new development wiped out his chosen location. His grant would expire if he didn’t find a place to produce his project soon.

David and Andrew struck up a conversation, and David was inspired to tour the alley himself. “I loved the block,” he told Streets Dept. “It’s an interesting spot because the street bends in a way that is totally unusual in Philly. And I loved the idea of artwork that uses light. It had been a dream of mine to create something that would glow and move at night.”

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Now Percy Street is attracting a different kind of crowd… one that doesn’t hide in the shadows, but basks in the light (and then shares it on Instagram, of course).

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